Add the Beauty of Wood Windows to Your Home in Austin, TX, or Any Surrounding Area

Wood Windows Austin TXWood windows offer a classic look and rich warmth to homes in Austin, Texas, and all nearby communities. They can be painted or stained in the color of your choice and can be custom-crafted to suit your home’s architecture. The versatility, strength, and long-lasting durability of wood make it a superior material for window frames. And, since it is a natural insulator, it’s a smart choice for homeowners wanting better energy efficiency for their homes.

While wood windows can’t be beat for their timeless appeal, they do require more maintenance than other framing materials, such as vinyl and aluminum. Regular sealing, painting, or staining is necessary to keep wood in top performing shape, and some sanding and refinishing is needed periodically. Wood is also more susceptible to damage from moisture than the aforementioned materials, which can lead to rotting or other damage to your Austin home’s windows.

Fortunately, many window manufacturers offer cladding to protect their wood windows. Often made of aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl, this exterior coating allows you to enjoy the attractiveness of wood on the interior of your window frames, where it is not exposed to harsh weather elements, while the outside framing is protected with a more durable material. Some of these cladding options even offer the look of woodgrain finishes for an authentic feel.

For help choosing from the wide variety of wood windows available to homeowners in and around Austin, TX, please contact ASAP Windows & Siding today. We are an authorized dealer for several top window manufacturers and have extensive experience and expertise in window installation.