Fiber Cement House Siding Is a Smart Choice for Your Home in Austin, TX, or Any Neighboring Community

House Siding Austin TX

If you’re thinking of installing new siding on your house in Austin or any surrounding area in Texas, you should consider fiber cement board siding. Fiber cement is an innovative product that offers numerous benefits as an exterior siding, including fire resistance, protection from water intrusion, and weather durability. Even when exposed to a direct flame, it will not ignite; repeated exposure to rain won’t cause it to mold, expand, or buckle; and its strength stands up to windblown debris and hail. In short, installing fiber cement board siding on your house can provide a valuable layer of protection.

Additionally, fiber cement is a versatile material and can accommodate a range of aesthetic preferences. From wood grain to the look of stucco and even a smooth plank option that appears similar to vinyl, this siding is available in a variety of finishes and colors for a beautiful home exterior. Furthermore, you can count on fiber cement to last a lifetime, so it is a smart investment for your Austin home. And, caring for it over the years is a simple process. Thanks to its resistance to mildew growth and optional baked-on color coating that lasts for years without fading, your house siding will retain its attractive appearance without any scrubbing or scraping required.

For more information on the outstanding qualities present in fiber cement house siding, please contact ASAP Windows & Siding today. We are proud to be a Preferred Remodeler for James Hardie – the No. 1 manufacturer of fiber cement siding – serving homeowners in and around Austin, TX.