Advantages of Partnering With a Fiber Cement Siding Installer for Your Austin, TX, Home

Fiber Cement Siding Installer Austin TXPartnering with an installer who provides fiber cement siding is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your home in the Austin, Texas, area. Fiber cement siding is a popular alternative to vinyl siding and imitates the charming appearance of wooden siding, shingles and clapboard. It is also more economically friendly, and will offer your home thorough protection from Mother Nature’s harshest weather for decades to come.

Below are some additional advantages of choosing fiber cement siding to update the exterior of your home in Austin, TX, or a neighboring area:

  • Non-combustibility – Fiber cement siding will not contribute fuel to a fire, nor will it ignite when exposed to a direct flame. For these reasons, this siding has a Class A fire rating (the highest rating currently possible) and is endorsed by firefighters nationwide.
  • Moisture resistance – Fiber cement siding won’t swell, crack, buckle, or grow mold even when exposed to constant moisture from rain, sleet and snow.
  • Weather endurance – Fiber cement siding is tough enough to withstand impact from windblown debris and hail without ever losing its structural integrity.
  • Durable aesthetic – This siding is typically primed in the factory and will maintain its fresh vibrancy of color for many years with little maintenance on your part.
  • Versatile Designs – You can choose from a wide variety of textures, shapes, colors, and sizes for your fiber cement siding, so you’ll be sure to find a combination that perfectly suits the architectural character of your home.

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