Awning Windows Offer Many Advantages for Homeowners in Austin, TX & All Nearby Communities

Awning Windows Austin TXIf you’re thinking of replacing or adding new windows to your home in the Austin, Texas, area, consider installing awning windows. These popular windows are not only distinctive in appearance, but also offer numerous benefits. With a sash that is hinged at the top, the awning window is unlike the traditional sliding window and can enhance your home’s curb appeal with a unique, modern appearance. This window style is also easily combined with other windows to create a functional and attractive window system. For example, by placing an awning window on top of a traditional double or single hung window, you can add dimension and air flow to your room. If used alone this window style offers a better view and more picturesque framing than windows with mullions or grids covering the glass. The clean, unobstructed window pane available in awning windows offers the aesthetic benefits of picture windows and the ventilation of sliding windows.

This ventilation is even possible on rainy days, since awning windows can remain open without letting water inside your house. Opening outward, the window sash itself acts as a barrier to the rain outside while you enjoy the fresh air coming in. Additionally, this operating style can provide increased security even with the windows open. The opening is so narrow, it does not allow easy entry into your home.

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